1) What are Chemical Skin Peels?
Chemical Peeling is a quick and pain free procedure that involves the application of safe hydroxy acid formulations that help to resurface the skin and regenerate skin tissue.

2) Which Skin Conditions are they beneficial for?
Chemical peels are used to treat age lines and wrinkles, pigmentation irregularities, uneven skin texture, oily or acne skins and scar tissue. Peels are used typically on the face although treatment may be provided to other areas of the body such as the neck, chest, hands, feet, arms and back.

3) 3) How do they work?
They work by resurfacing and regenerating skin tissue. Superficial peels help to slough away the top layer of the skin by breaking down the protein bonds between the epidermal cells revealing a smoother and brighter complexion. Deeper or more aggressive peels work by instigating the natural healing mechanism which helps to improve production of collagen and elastin.

4) Are they bad for you? Do they ‘thin’ the skin?
NO! Modern day peels are carefully formulated and extremely versatile, they are tailored to specific skin requirements. Our skin renews itself constantly, peels help that process along when your skin becomes tired and isn’t doing the job as efficiently.

5) What should you expect after a peel?
Depending on the intensity and depth of your peel you might experience light flaking of the skin for 2-3 days with a superficial peel. After a medium depth peel, your skin may look slightly pink for a few hours but this will usually subside within 12-24 hours. Many people have no redness at all. Your skin will be more sensitive than normal for a few days especially to sunlight so it is absolutely essential that you wear a sunscreen while your skin is recovering. A feeling of tightness is also very normal for 1-5 days post peeling.

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All skin treatments are tailored to your specific needs and recommended in a course of up to 6 treatments along with home care products to give you the best results.
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Our resurfacing peels provide excellent results without damaging the skin with harsh actives.

They revitalize and energize the complexion to effectively combat and address the root causes of Premature Ageing.

They treat and prevent sun damage, sensitive and dry skin, lines, dark circles, enlarged pores, adult acne, rosacea and melasma.

They can be used individually or in combination with other peels and with other treatments such as micro needling and LED therapy to enhance results.

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Work with a combination of gentle Hydroxy Acids and Encapsulated Vitamin A. These ingredients build the skin at a cellular level while gently exfoliating and renewing the surface cells. Vitamin A is used to enhance the effects of the peels in acne management, in anti-ageing and to improve pigmentation. Therefore, unlike traditional acid peels that use harsh acids such as glycolic acid to chemically exfoliate the skin, metabolic peels stimulate the skins natural turnover process without causing wounding to the skin.

Metabolic peels work from the inside out by building the skin matrix rather than stripping the skin’s surface. They provide excellent results without the risk of irritation that is associated with traditional peels. However, it is important to note Vitamin A can make the skin more sensitive to the sun and care will need to be taken to prepare the skin for the treatment and to protect the skin while it heals post treatment.

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These are powerful treatments that provide medium depth resurfacing to make the skin appear dramatically tighter and smoother without using harsh actives.

These treatments require skin conditioning and prep.

They are excellent for treating lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.

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