1) What is Micro Needling?
It is an excellent skin-regeneration treatment also known as derma roller, skin needling and collagen induction therapy.

2) Which Skin condition is it beneficial for?
Lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, reducing pigmentation, strengthening thin, reactive skin and revitalising dull and tired skin.

3) How does it work?
Micro needling involves passing a pen like wand over the skin, this contains tiny sterile needles that puncture tiny holes in to the skin. This helps to induce tissue re-modelling through the body’s natural healing mechanism. It promotes the development of new collagen, elastin and water retaining hyaluronic acid in the deeper layers of the skin to create a firmer more youthful skin tone. The cells of the top layer of the skin are also regenerated giving a finer and smoother complexion.

4) What is the treatment procedure?
Following a double cleanse, the procedure begins with the application of local anaesthetic cream to the treatment area for 30 mins. This numbs the area for approximately an hour. The needling procedure itself is relatively quick and will take about 30 minutes. You may experience mild pressure or a pricking sensation. Your level of discomfort will be closely monitored to adjust the treatment to your tolerance. The treatment will be finished with the application of appropriate products and / or LED phototherapy depending on your skin’s needs or your personal preference.

5) What to expect after the treatment?
Micro-needling is a very safe procedure and carries minimum risk of adverse reactions. After the treatment, the skin will usually have some redness and appear flushed; similar to a mild sunburn. The initial erythema goes down from within a few hours to 24 hours after treatment. You may experience a tight feeling and light flaking of the skin for 2-3 days after the treatment. It is important to follow the after-care advice in order to help the skin heal and ensure positive results.