NCTF Skin boosters

1) What is NCTF?

NCTF (New Cellular Treatment Factor) Mesotherapy Skin Boosters are a cocktail of pure un-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, with 59 actives including skin building amino acids, peptides, antioxidants and brightening ingredients.

2) Which Skin Condition is it beneficial for?

It is a very effective treatment for the eye area, for the neck and any other area of the skin that is showing ageing lines and dehydration. It helps to brighten dull skin and hydrates it from within. It helps with surface imperfections such as enlarged pores and skin texture.

3) How Does it Work?

Because the ingredients are injected in the deeper epidermis the hyaluronic acid spread out to hydrate the surrounding skin while the actives help with stimulating fibroblast cells to produce more collagen and with boosting cell communication and activity.

4) What is the treatment procedure?

The treatment starts with a thorough cleanse and the application of a very gentle peel to brighten the treatment area, get rid of any dead skin cells, and prepare the skin for the boosters. After the peel is neutralised the skin boosters are injected with ‘nano-needles’ which only reach the deepest epidermal layer and deposit the booster in little bubbles, so it spreads out to hydrate the skin. The eye treatment is completed with a cooling eye mask and the application of a healing B3 cream.

5) What to expect after the treatment?

The tiny bubbles may take up to 24 hours to settle, although they tend to disappear within an hour for most clients. Rarely redness or pin pricks mark may be seen that resolve within 48 hours. The skin can feel tight for a while after treatment.

You should drink plenty of water, wear SPF and avoid wearing make-up for the first 24 hours, avoid any activities that could cause excessive sweating and other abrasive skin treatments.

Overall, you should see the texture and elasticity of your skin improving, small lines and wrinkles smoothing out and the eye area looking brighter.